Maryland Theaters to Visit This Winter

When the weather outside is cold and windy, as it can be in Southern Maryland, it can be difficult to find activities outside of the home to enjoy. Never fear, the Southern Maryland theatre scene has plenty to offer to escape the cold weather and is full of fun, culture, music, and warmth. Here are some of the amazing theaters our community has to offer.

Calvert County

Twin Beach Players is a community theater group located in Chesapeake Beach. A non-profit organization, the Twin Beach Players strive to bring original and witty productions created by local talent to the community at an affordable price. Their most recent production entitled “Closed for Christmas” was both heartwarming and funny, and was deemed a complete success. Keep an eye out for upcoming performances and if you want to participate, they’re always looking for creative minds to take part.

Charles County

Port Tobacco Players, located in La Plata, produces up to seven shows each season ranging from musicals, mysteries, comedies, and dramas. In addition to the adult theater group, they also host Encore Kids, a children’s theatre group for ages six through twelve, and the Charles County Youth Orchestra. Past productions have included “The Crucible,” “Elf, The Musical,” “A Christmas Carol” and many more. Their new comedy “Move Over Mrs. Markham” is in rehearsal now with an opening date of January 17th. Again, community participation is always encouraged so if you’re inclined, feel free to inquire about auditioning.

Also in La Plata is The College of Southern Maryland Fine Arts Center, which is known to produce wonderful in-house productions, dance performances, and concerts. The Fine Arts Center hosts a variety of creative activities. Attend one of their off-Broadway performances, tune in for their numerous musical attractions from Barbershop Quartets to Choral Choirs, or tour the world of visual art at any of their three Art Galleries.

St. Mary’s County

The Newtowne Players theater group is dedicated to bringing all types of performing art to the St Mary’s County community while encouraging those with a passion to participate in the theatre in any aspect they’re interested in such as acting, producing, directing, or helping off stage.  Past productions have included works such as “Julius Caesar,” “The Rocky Horror Picture Show,” and “A Suessified Christmas Carol.” There are also many opportunities available with the Newtowne Players if you would like to be involved.

Anne Arundel County

Neighboring counties also offer some unique opportunities to be involved in the arts. Encore Creativity Corporation, located in Tracy’s Landing MD, is an amazing artistic environment for those in the age 55 and up demographic. They offer programs to sing, dance, and act with other members of the community.  Whether you have done it your whole life or are a beginner, the Encore Chorale, Encore Theatre, and Encore Dance are sure to be a great way to meet people and have some fun.


Snowy days and freezing temperatures don’t have to hold you back from getting out and enjoying the activities of your area. Enjoy the theaters of Southern Maryland and all of the talent they have to offer.

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