How Can Southern Maryland Sellers Help Their Home Sell Faster?

Jeff Halbert_Sell Faster

If you’re planning to list or have already listed your Southern Maryland home, you may be asking yourself what you can do to make it sell faster. Perhaps you’ve already bought your next home, or maybe you’re waiting for the sale before you make the transition. Whatever the case, no one wants to see their […]

How to Create a Next-Level Kid’s Room in Your Southern Maryland Home

Jeff Halbert_Kids Room

If your kid’s room in your southern Maryland home could use some updates, the winter is often a great time for updates and redesigns. Creating a space where your child can feel relaxed, creative, and inspired is certainly a worthy investment. So, whether you’re considering an entire room makeover or some simple tweaks, here are […]

Sustainable Upgrades for Southern Maryland Homeowners

Jeff Halbert_Sustainable Upgrades

Homeowners generally develop routines and tend to do things a certain way. Whether it’s a specific type of soap you buy or a go-to store to pick up your home goods. If you’re looking to live an eco-friendlier lifestyle in your Southern Maryland home, there are dozens of sustainable upgrades that homeowners can make. Going […]

How to Deep-Clean Your Southern Maryland Home

Jeff Halbert_Deep Clean

Daily cleaning is part of owning a home: doing dishes, washing laundry, cleaning countertops —the list goes on. Apart from keeping up with the daily maintenance, just how clean is your home? For many of us, we almost never have time to do a substantial deep clean. What does that entail? Here are some areas […]

Furniture Mistakes to Avoid in Your Southern Maryland Home

Jeff Halbert_Furniture

If you’re in the market for some new furniture, there are a few key things to keep in mind before buying anything. Frequently, homeowners buy something they loved from a showroom or online photo, only to find that it doesn’t quite work in their home the way they thought it would. Or maybe you’ve just […]

Tips for Managing a Tenant-Occupied Property in Southern Maryland

Jeff Halbert_tenant occupied

Having a rental property can be lucrative, but if you don’t take care of the property and the tenants, it can end up being an expensive, money-draining hassle. Here are some tips you can use to make sure you’re managing your tenant-occupied properties the right way. Screen Your Tenants Well  The type of tenants you […]

Top Housewarming Gifts to Give New Southern Maryland Homeowners

Jeff Halbert_Housewarming Gifts

While we might not be heading to many housewarming parties at this time of the year, there may still be a few during the winter. And we want to celebrate our friends and family members moving into new homes. Sending or delivering a small housewarming gift is a great way to send your good wishes. […]

Personal Finance Tips for New Southern Maryland Homeowners

Jeff Halbert_Finance Tips

For first-time homeowners, there’s often a period of financial adjustment. It could be that you’ve grown accustomed to a landlord covering repairs, or perhaps you’re not used to being able to customize the space. Whatever the case, owning a home is different than renting in a hundred ways, and adopting the homeowner mindset is important. […]

Why Gratitude is Important for Southern Maryland Homeowners

Jeff Halbert_Gratitude

We’re a couple weeks into 2022, and now is the perfect time to take a moment to get in touch with some gratitude. Owning a home requires a great deal of work — from the day-to-day tasks that we have to complete to the seemingly never-ending to-do lists — but we have so much to […]

Downsizing in Southern Maryland — Is it Right for You?

Jeff Halbert_Downsize

Whether the kids have all moved out or you’re just looking for a smaller place to maintain, there are many reasons Southern Maryland homeowners could be considering downsizing. Before making any major decisions concerning your home, it’s always smart to weigh your options and decide exactly what it is you hope to achieve. Here are […]